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How correctly and independently to prepare for the moving day?
In this article we offer you only those ways of preparation of room moving which successfully we apply. They are simple and practical and we hope that they will help you to prepare independently the moving quickly, qualitatively and cheap.

It is necessary to decide on quantity and the range of packing materials

Don't try to lay everything in boxes. Contents of the refrigerator are convenient and practical to transport in packages. Unloading of the refrigerator is possible just before the moving beginning, in this case products won't manage to be defrozen at all. 120 liter, black plastic bags for garbage are most convenient for transportation of things. The package is inserted into a package. This simple action you protect the things from casual damages. After package filling with things, the mouth is fixed by an adhesive tape, and then two times, crossing the direction, is wound on perimeter. At such fixing in our practice there was no case of damage of contents of a package.

Packages with valuable things are marked. Knowing the size of boxes it is possible to calculate their demanded quantity for transportation of kitchen and things from a drawing room. Count with a roulette the volume of transported property and receive demanded quantity of boxes. Be not afraid to be mistaken, one two boxes always can be taken or bought in the next grocery shop;
Be defined that it is more important for you that categorically it isn't acceptable, and that you are ready "to suffer".

Container choice. Packing and fixing of things governed

Boxes shouldn't be the big size. The loader, having taken a full box in hand, has to take place in a door quietly. The optimum size of boxes under not really heavy subjects: 630-320-340ΠΌΠΌ. For transportation of books it is best of all to use boxes from wine or vodka, they very strong, and filled, weigh no more than twenty kilograms. The filled boxes need to be marked at once from all directions and carefully to fix an adhesive tape. Don't feel sorry for an adhesive tape! Rolling up a box an adhesive tape, you not simply fix its contents, but also you give to a box additional durability.

Well stuck box never will collapse in hands, and its contents won't fall out on a floor when loading. In the filled box there shouldn't be emptiness. The free space in a box leads to that the box is rumpled under weight, and the pile of boxes falls. It is desirable to use boxes of one size. Most convenient to mark them self-adhesive color price tags, pasting over boxes from all directions. Big square, bright coloring and low cost, do their use convenient and practical;

Place for warehousing of the packed things

Getting down to work, in advance prepare a place where you will put things and boxes. When loading a thing are loaded in the last turn and therefore boxes have to be placed so that not to stir carrying out of other subjects;

Sequence of packing of things

In order that the packed things took not a lot of place and didn't injure each other, packing needs to be begun with kitchen. After grain and pans in kitchen is put and packed it is necessary to start packing services, contents of bars and small boxes in a drawing room and a bedroom. Kitchen boxes mark one color, and boxes from a drawing room another.

Heavy boxes, for a reason of safety of subjects, it is necessary to put in the bottom, and then on them easier boxes and bags are put;

Preparation of furniture for moving

Rules of preparation of furniture to moving by us are in detail described (See: Good advice, rules of moving). We pay your attention that the wrong placement of the packed boxes and bags leads to that loaders when moving should shift several times them from place to place. Instead of decrease in terms of moving we receive increase in terms. When you order furniture dismantling, release space for dismantling and laying of the sorted furniture.

At large volumes of transported furniture it is expedient to entrust its preparation to our experts. Our experts will execute dismantling of a sliding wardrobe or expensive cabinet furniture with simultaneous packing and preparation of furniture for moving, and in an unloading place they will collect your furniture. We recommend to use for packing of the sorted furniture vozdushno – a vesiculate film.

Stacking boxes, leave necessary things in a life and one two empty boxes. In day of departure you fill them and you will be ready to moving.
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