Monday, February 17, 2014

Internet providers

Right choice of Internet service provider – the main condition of effective work in the Network, its quality and reliability. It is necessary to take care of comfortable navigation on Web open spaces in advance not to clutch at the head after with the chosen provider of Internet services problems will begin. By what criteria it is necessary to be guided, choosing Internet service provider?

The cost of services of Internet service provider – one of standard criteria of a choice. Here also the main mistake waits for the potential client – being guided only for the payment sum, he forgets about other important moments. In a pursuit of low cost of people receives the "slow" Internet, constant problems with communication and total absence of technical support.

Data transmission speed – one more way to drive crazy to the client. Gbit " 1 offers / with almost free" now inexperienced dishonest providers often entice. In practice all where is more deplorable. The promised speed most often appears "general", "on all". Really, the similar speed of connection will be had by the person if he is only being at present "in touch". To imagine such situation difficult, isn't it? The more users there is in the Network, the more slowly for each of them a speed. And if the solid companies rendering services of connection to the Internet, increase the capacity of the network, clients of dishonest providers are compelled "to enjoy" slow connection. Therefore in the contract the guaranteed speed for the client surely has to be specified.

Tariff plans. The list of tariff plans offered by provider has to be rather wide to satisfy needs of each client. It is important to consider, what tariff plan will be favorable to you both at the price, and according to the content of service.

Availability of service. In the afternoon you work in the Network normally, and in the afternoon the Internet "vanishes"? So shouldn't be! The provider has to guarantee a certain quantity of time during which the client will have access to the Network. Any problems with the Internet access which responsible is the provider, have to be eliminated with it as soon as possible and on a free basis. The client has to have the right to prolong service term for that quantity of time during which the Internet was absent, or to demand compensation of material damage. All this also has to be stated in the contract.

Technical support. Perhaps, any provider won't insure the clients from the problems connected with access to the Network. However the solid provider has to guarantee their immediate elimination. If the arisen problem isn't eliminated every other day, week, month – whether there is a sense to continue to use services of such Internet service provider?

How to choose Internet service provider? Type of connection to the Internet – an important factor to which it is necessary to pay attention. The standard telephone Internet is replaced with modern types of connection. The most convenient the allocated fiber-optical line at present is considered – this type of connection guarantees rather high speed of data transmission, simplicity of connection, lack of the excess equipment (modem).

Visit sites of Internet service providers. Attentively study offers, tariffs, conditions, additional services (free installation of an electronic mailbox, the anti-virus program, the network address) each provider of Internet services. Having compared available information, you will be able to argue on the width of a choice and cost of services of this or that provider more objectively.

Useful will be to visit in advance in office of provider. Study contracts for connection, the license for this kind of activity in your city, communicate to the manager (learn how connection and Internet access as there is a solution of the appeared problems is carried out – and to whom to address in case of their emergence). General impression from office of provider too can play an important role – the semibasement room of "the new supplier of Internet-uslug" at least looks suspicious.

Reviews of the internet service providers. Surely take an interest in reviews of the providers existing in your city. For this purpose it is enough to visit the general city forum or to take an interest about it at friends and acquaintances.

Weigh all pluses and minuses. Probably, there is no provider of the Internet services, capable to satisfy the client absolutely by all criteria. One provider renders too expensive services, at another the choice of tariff plans is limited, the third "is greedy" in data transmission speed, from the fourth you won't wait for debugging. Be defined that it is more important for you that categorically it isn't acceptable, and that you are ready "to suffer".

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